About Stav
I was born and raised in kibbutz Ashdot Ya’akov Meuchad. Nature and earth were always an integral part of my life and have been my inspiration ever since I started sculpting with clay.
After studying art at various institutions, but not finding exactly what I was looking for, I settled back near my hometown– a decision that may seem to correspond with “The Hero’s Journey” by Jung. There, I established a studio of my own where I could create what I have been searching for—the stitch that links practicality and art.
The historical spirit that lies in the soil, which I’ve always been longing for, and the perpetual introspection, along with my work techniques – all of these aspects charge my artwork.

About the Creation
For me, clay is first and foremost a healing tool which soaks up emotions, thoughts and feelings in real-time, paired with my accumulated lifelong experiences. It completes the circle of the human being, that comes from the earth. Working in the studio generally incorporates the historical layers of humanity that have resided in the area I grew up in and feel so connected to.
Clay is my main artistic medium, used as the basis of other techniques, like collage and kintsugi. I use my studio as a center for researching the art form—its tangible form as well as its emotional and aesthetic effects.
I focus on household items which are loaded with experiences and personal memories. Some of these relate to my interpretation of the human existential experience. Additionally, my work is influenced by longing and searching for a place to belong to.
My work represents a sort of prayer for creating that place, both physically and spiritually.